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Remortgaging in the market cycle

Sometimes you can hear advice to do refinancing as an investment strategy. Idea is to leverage your finances to the max, to accelerate growth by acquiring more properties in a…

Cash-flow is the king

In trading people sometimes say that you only lose if you sell. Meaning that if the position goes down and comes back up again and you hold through it, then…

Market watch

The other day I saw this crane being built in front of my eyes. And the first thought in my mind was saying: “Cranes in the air, beware,” This saying…
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Comparison of gross Yield in Spain

Gross Yield in Spain according to Idealista: Las Palmas 5.54%Santa Cruz de Tenerife 4.93%Balears 4.03%Girona 4.73%Barcelona 5.30%Tarrogon 5.93%Castellon 6.43%Valencia 6.69%Alicante 5.52%Murcia 6.21%Almeria 6.26%Granada 4.67%Malaga 4.00%Cadiz 5.70% Is yield the most…

Diversification of risks

Another angle on investment diversification… I am doing the Tony Robbins Comeback Challenge and today is Day 5 – Finances. The key takeaway is to know your risk appetite and…

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