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The other day I saw this crane being built in front of my eyes. And the first thought in my mind was saying: “Cranes in the air, beware,”

This saying refers to a sign of a projected increase of supply in the real estate market. More “cranes” you see, more supply there is going to be, more of the chance that there will be over-supply. Leading to a buyers market and price drop.

Building houses always lags behind the property cycle… the greed of price rise.

Yes, the market situation in the Canaries is particular. Many would rather keep the property “hoping to make big money” someday than to actually sell it for a fair price. As of that, there are quite a lot of abandoned properties in the neighborhood. 

Nothing is impossible, just need that bit of extra work to secure a good deal. 

Wish you a great day. ♥ Smile & Be present! 🐝 Invest in observing & Real Estate  ♥

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